The use of botanical and mineral sourced insecticides has become popular among many who choose to avoid the use of traditional pest control products. If the pest problem is moderate, botanicals can be effective, though it may become necessary to increase the frequency of treatments. We at A&A are familiar with these products and can provide this alternate treatment option if you desire.

Natural solutions often include more preventative measures, also referred to as IPM or Integrative Pest Management, and baiting systems.

We now offer a new organic approach to pest prevention.  In today’s market, there are many new products to eliminate pests without using any synthetic materials.  Several natural occurring substances in our world are very effective against insects. After much practice and research, we have devised the Green Bugs Program.

As the pest control industry evolved, baiting methods and products have improved. Many new baiting formulations containing borates have proven great success and are applied to areas inaccessible to your family and pets. A commonly used borate such as boric acid is a natural occurring mineral salt that exists in the ocean and is also present in some fruits and meats we consume. It is a close comparison to average table salt, but also a great knockdown agent for insects.

Many plants and flowers produce essential oil that repels pests away from an area.  Citronella is a good example of well known oil that is an effective mosquito repellent. Recent botanical insecticides are used primarily to spray around the perimeter foundation of the structure creating a barrier from invading pests.

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